Diversity in the fashion industry board rooms ...or the lack there of

Diversity in the fashion industry board rooms ...or the lack there of

Happy New Year Fabs !

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season ! I had a really great time with friends and family and I ate what ever the hell I wanted to ! Let’s take into account that I also joined this dope exercise program called 21 Days of Hell last December and I signed up again for my second cycle this month. I will share with you guys all about the process of getting healthy after the new year in posts to come. So .. with that being said , this is my official first post for 2018 ! To be honest its more of an opion piece and it involves one of my favorite retailers, H&M. Now I don’t know if you all have caught wind of the controversy surrounding a certain racially insensitive ad featuring a young african american boy wearing a sweatshirt with the phrase ” Coolest Monkey in the Jungle”. Firstly , seeing that H&M is a really big company it is disheartening to know that their marketing department saw this as a good look during todays social climate. Over the last couple of months issues with sexism, racism and lack of inclusion has been hot topics that the #METOO movement was formed and brought a reckoning in Hollywood. Secondly , there was a team of individuals at the retailer that clearly dropped the ball and disregarded how the public would react to the campaign. Thirdly, it shines a really big light on how divers these fashion houses / retailers really are and why haven’t these companies acted on building a diverse board room.



The ad sparked so much backlash that H&M immediately released a statement

You can read more of their apology response here .

Due to H&M’s poor decision to run this specific ad , Hip Hop artists The Weekend and G Eazy has cut ties with the company and will not collab with them on any future capsule collections. My question is how could this happen with so many hands that are involved in these projects? How can you have wardrobe stylist, photographers , creative and marketing teams that clearly didn’t pay attention to a garment so loaded with racial epithets is beyond me. A simple solution would have been too swap out shirts or to not feature the shirt on an individual of color. All things start at the top! Fashion has always represented diversity to me personally. Its one of the things that I truly love about the the industry but at times it seems that the higher ups are not offering opportunities for minorities to sit at the big table. I know we have many miles to go when it comes to absolute inclusion in fashion , but don’t sit there a take a blind eye at the problem. We all have the power of the dollar to make or break these companies and they know that but still they test boundaries and try to go unchecked. As an influencer I will continue to support all facets of fashion and continue to push diversity at all levels. I want to know what you think ! Leave your comments below !




Keicia Shanta



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  2. I couldn’t not believe it happened and was so disappointed in H&M! We have to be a voice for change and let them know that sexism and racism will NOT be tolerated

    1. Absolutely ! We most def need to be on top of these companies and make sure they aren’t crossing these lines again .

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