Giving Credit where its due.... Dapper Dan is the Man

Giving Credit where its due.... Dapper Dan is the Man

Dapper Dan is the MAN! No, I take that back , Dapper Dan is the mofo MAN ! Mr. Dan was so much of a visionary all those years ago that his work was replicated on one of the biggest stages during one of the biggest fashion weeks held this year. Gucci presented it’s Resort 2018 collection during Milan Fashion Week this May but one thing stood out on the 115 piece collection. This double breasted, brown fur jacket with puffy sleeves adorned with the signature gucci double G logo on the sleeves was virtually the same jacket Dapper Dan created for Olympic Gold Medalist Diane Dixon in 1989 except the original jacket had the Louis Vuitton logo. Now to play devils advocate for a second, I truly don’t believe, nor have we heard that Alessandro Michele ( Gucci’s Creative Director) replicated the jacket on purpose but the damage was done and the internet was relentless. 

Dapper Dan was the hood atelier of his time. Frequented by the drug dealers, hip hip artist, boxers and athletes,  Dapper Dan created luxury clothes that the original fashion houses such as MCM, Louis Vuitton and Gucci didn’t create. In those days high end brands didn’t cater to african americans so Dapper Dan filled that void. He created designer embossed garments even upholstery for cars. Hip Hop Artist from Eric B & Rakim , LL Cool J , Jam Master Jay and countless others made the creations by Mr. Dan so popular that his “hood atelier ” was gaining recognition from all over the United States. Dapper Dan’s popularity gained so much traction that the luxury brands lawyered up and set out to shut his business down. The atelier was subject to multiple raids which lead to its closing in 1992. Dapper Dan then took his business underground but he kindly won’t elaborate on what that means but you get the gist.

Thus here we are in 2017 , watching one of Dapper Dans creation prancing down a Gucci runway. This triggered Diane Dixon ( Dapper Dan created the original puffy jacket with Louis Vuitton ) to post on her Instagram page the similarities . ” AS FASHION REPEATS WE MUST GIVE CREDIT TO THE ORIGINATORS ! SHOUT OUT DAPPER DAN ! 

Diane Dixon wore the original creation by Dapper Dan circa 1989

To write the wrong , Alessandro reached out to Dapper Dan to collaborate on a new collection highlighting the influence that Mr. Dan played in the hip-hop culture. Paying homage the right way. The capsule collection is slated to come out for Gucci’s Pre-Fall 2108 collections. Mr. Dan also is opening up his atelier later this year and with a truce being called between him and Gucci , the brand is supplying him with authentic gucci material. Mr. Dan insists that he wasn’t offended by the re-make from Gucci earlier this year. Dapper Dan sees the situation as fate that brought this collab to fruition crediting that Alessandro and himself share similar upbringings. Dapper Dan wasn’t upset with anyone staying truly humble for his life works and now getting his due credit for his influence. Dapper Dan you are truly the Man ! 


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