Discussing the Business of Fashion @ Real & Rosemary

Discussing the Business of Fashion @ Real & Rosemary

It has been a busy couple of weeks to say the least. I have recently took on the role of Media Director of Magic City Fashion Week ! Yayyyy ! I am super excited to be apart of such an amazing event and I will share more about my newest venture in the coming months. With that being said I have been taking on a lot of meetings in the last couple of weeks. My latest meeting was with a brilliant fashion blogger from Auburn University. So you guys have heard that Birmingham has become a food mecca of the South and with so many new concept restaurants popping up its getting hard to decide where to eat at. Also, I have been on this health journey so to speak to pursue a more healthier lifestyle and I have my good days and bad days like anybody else. Hell, we are human and we are going to eat! A last , a restaurant that has vegan and gluten options ( I coined myself a part -time Vegan) and not to mention it’s really Instagram worthy, Real & Rosemary in Homewood is my new favorite eatery .

Real & Rosemary have these amazing infused waters. My fav was the lemon, cucumber and mint infusion. It was beyond refreshing and I got a bit of an energy boost. I was so inspired by the water I stopped at my local grocery and picked up some fruit to infuse! My lunch was this bomb ass chicken salad with an light vinaigrette. As my lunch guest and myself shared our salads we discussed how to move fashion forward in a state thats dominated by agriculture and auto creation. It’s not a difficult task if all of the fashion industry in Alabama can get on one accord. Birmingham has a rich culture but it also has an ugly one stemming from the civil rights era. I feel as fashion industry professionals , it is our duty to uplift the culture and to continue nourishing it like the amazing food from Real & Rosemary.

Others before us have failed at unifying the fashion/beauty industry in Birmingham. Other big fashion cities are watching us and I personally won’t let the bad apples in the bunch ruin it for all. I won’t get on my soap box this afternoon to rip these people a new one today, but I will in the very near future……



XoXo – Keicia Shanta



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