Raf Simons ode to Blade Runner : New York Fashion Week - Mens

Raf Simons ode to Blade Runner : New York Fashion Week - Mens

New York Fashion Week : Mens 

Last week the entire fashion world was fixated on the New York as the latest installment of NYFW : Mens presented their Spring/Summer 2018 collections. Out of all the amazing design talent presenting this week one designer everyone was looking forward to was Raf Simmons. Everyone wanted to see what Raf  had to offer for the up and coming season. Who knew how much the sci-fi flick Blade Runner (circa 1982 ) would play into the aesthetic of the collection and how it resinates with the Simons own past. Raf created a hybrid of east meets west feel with distressed tailoring, oversized knits , long scarves and bucket -wide brim hats.

I wanted to have a strong reference to Asian culture coming together with a strong aesthetic from the West ,

I’m very interested to see how different cultures can come together , especially when there is a futuristic asset to it with reference to the past .



The merge of street style and modern everyday wear was a refreshing take on the urban wear trend of the future. Replicants was a steady word that played in this collection referencing the fictional bioengineered robots from the 1982 film .


I wanted to slide culture together . In Blade Runner , it was very much about the opposite- the rain and the darkness of the streets – Raf Simons


One thing for certain Simons is beyond his time when it comes to trends but will this collection make it’s way into day to day street wear ? Staying on trend to being fashionable and function-able at the same damn is what truly makes Simons an innovator in his craft .




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