Ono' Poke' and the $170 lunch at the Pizitz Food Hall !

Ono' Poke' and the $170 lunch at the Pizitz Food Hall !

I love to go to lunch! Everyone that knows me has come to realize that picking a new place to grab lunch at is my pleasure in life. So this week I had some time to grab a bite after a fitting for an up and coming photo shoot I am styling. Keep in mind that I am on a  journey to hit up all the new food spots that have come to Birmingham so the Pizitz Food Hall was next on my list. Now don’t think that grabbing lunch the Pizitz will cost you over $100 but you will learn later in the post how my lunch came up to $170. Any who, this was my first trip to the food hall since its opening earlier this year. The Pizitz is housed in a newly renovated building downtown that has lofts, a chic courtyard and did I mention a gang of food stalls. Seeing as I want to eat at every single one of the food stalls , I am taking it one at a time and I choose Ono’ Poke’ this trip.


Before I get into the food, as you walk into the food hall you are greeted with this amazing art installation called ” Eyes of Protection” from Merrill Challiss. As I was getting ready to snap the picture a tech chic young lady informed me that the artist was her friend and that I should stop by Merrill’s art exhibition that was coming up. I am loving the new Birmingham aesthetic of mixing art, music, fashion and food. It’s definitely a new city being lead by millenials. I will share more of these dope events that are to come so stay tuned!


Eyes of Protection
‘Eyes of Protection ” by Merrill Challiss

Back to my $170 lunch ! So Ono’ Poke’ was the choice for the day and I was super excited to try out their concept. Their IG  @onopoke_bhm is so bomb and the food looks so fresh and healthy which is a win . My Poke bowl had brown rice, scallions, jalepenos, crunchy stuff, shrimp, edamame and a banging ginger sauce.  I got my food quickly and of course it was Instagram pic worthy.

I choose to stick around and eat my lunch in the food courtyard. Impressed isn’t the word of how they landscaped the area plus the weather was so gorgeous. After ripping and running from one end of the city to the other pulling clothes and shoes, stopping for a second to enjoy lunch in a cute new eatery was making the day seem all worth it. That is until it was time for me to get back to the office .

I was excited to get back and tell my staff about my lunch excursion but as soon as I began walking to the parking lot my car was no where in sight. Panic mode took over. The entire car was gone! I thought I was on a prank TV show or something! The entire car had vanished and there was no one around to tell me what had happened. I began walking back to the food hall and I looked up and noticed a tiny sign with little baby writing that stated the parking lot was PRIVATE and a TOW AWAY ZONE ! I called the number on the sign and the representative told me it would be $160 to get my car out of impound. I then gave her a couple of choice words that I won’t mention here but I was not a happy fashionista. So yeah , my lunch cost me $170 that day ! My poke bowl was everything and yes I will be back to the Pizitz Food Hall but I will park at the meter next time.


XoXo Keicia Shanta




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