Build your industry Con : Empowering the future of the beauty and fashion industry

Build your industry Con : Empowering the future of the beauty and fashion industry



Greetings Fabs ! I hope all is well and that you are having a chic week thus far! Back in March, I had the distinct pleasure of speaking on a panel with other amazing beauty and fashion professionals from Alabama on the in’s and outs of the industry. Myself , along with the other speakers shared our stories on making a lane in the beauty/fashion industry here in Birmingham. The build Your Industry Con was hosted by my amazing fashion friend Christina of PinkLux. Attendees had a day full of lectures, giveaways, business tips and inspiration on furthering their career goals in these specific industries. In my lecture, I spoke about finding your niche and sticking to it. In the vast market of fashion sites/blogs it’s east to get lost in the sauce. To become a successful fashion blogger/writer you have to stand out and authenticity is everything. The new way of marketing with the gang of social media influencers has muddied the waters. Now more than ever it is pivotal to have worthy content to keep readers coming back every day. It’s hard but it most defienetly can be achieved.

I was blown away with how the attendees where absorbing all of this information that was given to them during the lectures. One of the young ladies asked me what was the most difficult part or what hurdles did I have to overcome as a fashion editor. My transition from blogger to fashion editor was kinda effortless seeing that I started five years ago and the market wasn’t as big as it is now. One thing that I had to get over was that not everyone is going to cheer for you. I had to get over that not all bloggers were nice or friendly. It was crazy! I would go to an fashion forecast or trend forecast meetings and the black/african american bloggers didn’t speak to me let alone network with me. Why, I don’t know. They didn’t know me personally so I took it as I was the new kid on the block and they didn’t like the new bloggers on their “turf”. On the other hand, the white beauty/fashion bloggers were friendly, they shook my hand and gave me their business cards. It was truly an eye opener for me coming from Birmingham, Alabama with all of the civil rights history we have here and to experience non acceptance from my own people was mind-blowing .

I made it my mission when I came into my position as fashion editor to be a resource for up and coming blogger/writers . I want the future of our industry to feel welcome and encouraged because you can easily get caught up in a Devil wears Prada situation if you’re not careful.

I want to give some huge shout-outs to my vendors who when I called they responded with some pretty dope swag for the gift bags for the conference . Thank you Heather from CoCoLuxe Organic for the  extra virgin coconut oil in a tube . The product is so bomb and I use it on my hair every day ! Huge shout out to Bonnie from Calico Juno Designs for the gorgeous earring set. Last but not least, thank you to Ari from HabitNest for the amazing sidekick journal that was given away in the raffle. She loves it !

The Build your Industry Con was a huge success and I am was so honored to be apart of it . In closing , be good to one another . With all of the crazy things going on in this world, be kind and encourage one another.


XoXo…….. Keicia Shanta


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