I go to the Museum for Inspo

I go to the Museum for Inspo

As a fashion editor and editorial stylist it can get a bit overwhelming at time keeping up with the ever changing fast pace of fashion . I think it hits me really around fashion month . Keeping up with fashion shows from New York, London , Milan and Paris , not to mention the bazillion events and parties associated with these fashion weeks is hectic . After the NYFW shows in 2015 I became so uninspired by some of the collections I was seeing on the runway . The hustle and the bustle of it all left me feeling overworked ,plus  my mind was just wiped blank . I didn’t want to write about fashion let alone see another runway show to save my own life. So I had to find different ways to keep my creative juices flowing without having a fashion melt down . I re-discovered the museum .

When I say re-discovered the museum , I mean , as a child growing up in the Birmingham City School system they bused us to the museum about 4 times a year. We went to the museum so much they began to not even charge for the field trip. I didn’t know my life would lead me into fashion and I also didn’t know how big apart art and history would play in my everyday life. Not to mention we have a pretty bomb museum here as well and that my most recent visit to the museum would save my creative life .

One of my fav exhibits was one that showed the works of an artist who visited small towns all over Alabama. This artist documented the people , the landscape and the history of the state . The lady in front of the church is my fav from this exhibit. It clearly shows the strength and the resilience to survive through many decades on earth . It takes a strong woman to weather the storms of racial , social economic and lack of a good education growing up in the South. This lady inspired me to push on , no matter the obstacles that may lay in my path .


I found my way from the first floor to the second floor and I ventured through periods of time , from Egypt , to the Italian renaissance. I saw every bit of Dolce and Gabbana and Italian fashion houses inspiration for their collections through these exhibits. I love Japanese culture and traveled from Chinese culture to African empires. All of the bold colors and attention to detail reminded me of why I love fashion so much .

thousand -armed Avalokitesvara about 1750 Chinese- Tibetan

The exhibit I was itching to see for some time now is called Third Space . This exhibit is all about contemporary art and I made it my business to get to the museum before the art had left the building . I made my way to the third floor and ask the guide was it cool to enter. She greeted me with a smile and told me to come on in . I was immediately taken back with all the 3-d dimensional art in this installation . This gigantic exhibit in the middle of the room was of a lady adorned in some sort of marriage attire . It was a mix of Margeila and Kenzo and it was beautiful .

The exhibit went on to display a row of  suspended golden arms  , it instantly reminded me of how all of us need to have a humble spirit and to always be willing to give one another a hand.

I have too many exhibits to be my fav but the art featuring Malcolm X in the window is one that reminds me to “Stay Woke” especially in this digital age and to always strive for equality by any means necessary . Very powerful .

I was ventured out on a journey to find my creative inspiration and I found it . Who knew it would be as simple as visiting my local museum of art. As creatives we all need to unplug from time to time to get a fresh perspective on life in these days and time. I encourage everyone to take visit your local art installations or sidewalk festivals for inspo. All of this amazing art and much more can be found at the Birmingham Museum of Art. 




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