That was fast ...Forever 21 accused of knocking off Fenty x Puma Slides

That was fast ...Forever 21 accused of knocking off Fenty x Puma Slides

In fashion every now and again you will see some similarities in different collections. Some call copying a form of flattery in other instances its just straight up a bad idea. Fast fashion behemoth Forever 21 didn’t waist ant time knocking off Rihanna’s Fenty x Puma slides from her Fall 2017 collection. In the images below you can see the obvious similarities but with different shoe bottoms .


Forever 21 even went as far as making the slides in similar colors of green and pink .

This isn’t the first time Forever 21 has been accused of copying designers . Indie fashion designer Emily Oberg of Sporty & Rich didn’t hesitate to call the company out for copying one of their popular sweatshirts .

At first, I was like, “Nice, Forever 21 looks at my shit.” It was flattering. It’s one of the biggest retailers in the world, and its stuff sells, so obviously the people there thought my design was good enough to share with their millions of customers. But after multiple people hit me up about how fucked up it was, I got a little bit tight. It’s not just the fact that Forever 21 made obvious fakes of my design; it’s more about the idea of ideas and protecting them—because ideas are sacred, and they belong to us. – Emily Oberg

Kanye West and his Yeezy collection also felt the wrath of the Forever 21 copy cat ring with the blatant re-make of t-shirts from the Life of Pablo collection . No official comments have come out from Puma or Rihanna but we are sure their will be backlash to come . Stay tuned .



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