International Women's Day : " we wear red"

International Women's Day : " we wear red"

International Womens Day is a day of supporting and uplifting women from all walks of life. This is a very important day in history not only because of the political climate right now but it is a day of recognizing all of the accomplishments women have made over the centuries. Women over the globe are taking a day off from work and marching in unison to a beautiful beat and mission .. ” womens rights ” ! Today we are wearing red in solidarity and what better way to make a statement than the Givenchy Fall 2017 collection ! The theme was red and without Ricardo Tisci at the helm it definitely took on a new aesthetic.

Red is the new black ! This asymmetric ,laser cut dress with tailored sleeves looks so chic .


An elongated red body suit covered with a sheer veil and a tiny red crown paying homage to Lady Liberty .


Red belted sweater is divine with a sheer embroidery floor length skirt


Red over the knee boots pulled this look together . I most definitely can see red on red as a new color duo. Let’s not forget about the choker’s ! I am here for the chokers paying homage to previous Givenchy collections.

Here is a sweet treat from Tinder celebrating this amazing day : Choose your favorite women’s cause i.e (Women inFilm) and then tweet @Tinder with #FundHerCause TODAY ! Tinder will give YOU $100 to donate to your cause of choice  ! So bomb ! Hurry and get to tweeting !


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